Hanna came to us from the zoo in Wolgast on 31.3.2014.
She was born on 16.01.1992 in the Aschersleben Zoo. When she was 5, she was transferred to the facility at Wolgast, and was known as "Hannes". Her home there was in a bear enclave which was typical of the 1960s.


Although she is very dainty with a size of 1.70 meters and 150 kilograms she was mistaken 22 years for a male- Hannes. The truth came out at the transfer to the sanctuary: When the vets wanted to castrate Hannes after the medical examination, it came to light that Hannes is female- Hanna.


Hanna is very sensitive and frightened. She has a love affair with cow heart, wiener, gammon steak and eggs. She likes fuits and vegetable only in small quantity. Best of all she likes kohlrabi, avocados, mangos and cherries.


Translated by Bryan Daniels, Kirchenstraße 14, 17213 Malchow

Before Hanna came to the sanctuary she was considered as a male.
© BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz / Gisela Hentschel



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