Together with  Basia, Kasia came to the BEAR SANCTUARY in June 2011 from the mini zoo in Lezno, Poland. She was born in 1995 and before she came to us, had previously been forced to live on 60 square meters of  concrete with no possibility of withdrawing for some peace. And this with no veterinary care or suitable diet.


Everything changed for Kasia in the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. She had room to flourish and fully enjoy her playful nature. Kasia was very active and bathed with great relish. Above all she loved eating nuts. She always took her time getting to know new things, being by nature very careful. But as soon as she had established trust, Kasia blossomed.


Kasia died at the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz in April 2015. She had become ill with a gastric infection and inflamed bowel during her hibernation, which left her very weak. She received extensive veterinary care over several weeks and was lovingly cared for by our keepers to the end. For a while, it even seemed that she would recover from her serious illness, but this was not to be.  


Translated by Bryan Daniels, Kirchenstraße 14, 17213 Malchow

In the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz Kasia livens up.
© FOUR PAWS / Mihai Vasile



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