Katja has lived at the Mueritz BEAR PARK since June 2009; together with Ida, she was taken on from the zoo at Kalletal in North Rhine Westphalia.

Katja's path to the peace she has found here was both long and hard. In 1995 she was rescued from a miserable existence at Schubert's Circus in Nuremberg and provisionally placed at the Nuremberg Zoo.  As of 1998, she lived at the zoo in Kalletal. When this establishment was to be sold,  the owner sought a new home for the two she-bears and became aware of the FOUR PAWS bear sanctuaries. After short negotiations, the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz greeted Katja and Ida as new residents.


She felt at home in the sanctuary very quickly and accepted the enrichment tools; she takes the fruits which the keepers put on the trees with great delight. She loves to take a bath. Katja is equal to Ida She does not avoid her. 

Her past in the circus gives her a hard time: Again and again she fells behind in her stereotypies, in her case it is a walk before and behind.


Translated by Bryan Daniels, Kirchenstraße 14, 17213 Malchow

Katja likes fruits and having a bath.



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