For a long time, Lothar was the largest bear at the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz, when he stands upright, he boasts a height of 2.10 metres. He weighs around 300 Kilos.  Since Balou's arrival (2.20 metres), Lothar has to content himself with second place! 


Lothar and Sindi were born in Torgau in 1990. That same year, they came to the state garden show at Sindelfingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg, together with their brother Torgi. They were presented to the town of Sindelfingen by its twin town of Torgau to mark the occasion of the show.
The three small bears lived in a small cage in the petting zoo of the garden show. Throughout the summer, they were the star attraction, beloved of the visitors. But a state garden show only lasts for a single summer; what would become of the three brothers then? The Black Forest Zoo in Löffingen took the three in. Their enclosure was, however not only too small, it was also walled in and had a concrete floor. They never had the chance to experience any of the possibilities presented by their natural instincts.


As his sister Sindi Lothar has on the right side on his neck a white spot. Especially his distinctive eye bulges and his strong neck muscle are conspicious. This lends an dark expression. But Lothar is not as dark as he looks like. Very quickly he lost his shyness and now he is open-minded, curiously and full of self-confidence. 

Taking a bath and eating are Lothar's favourite activities. He has a particular liking for nuts, honey and tomatoes. He likes to dig hollows and makes himself comfortable in it. 


Translated by Bryan Daniels, Kirchenstraße 14, 17213 Malchow

Lothar likes to dig hollows and and to make it comfortable.
© BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz / Mihai Vasile



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