Luna comes from Albania and has lived at BÄRENWALD Müritz since June 2017.


Before she came to us at the BÄRENWALD Müritz, she lived in a tiny cage in the Aulona Amusement Park. She had been there from an early age and was permanently exposed to the stress of visitors, noise and weather.


In November 2016, she was rescued by FOUR PAWS and temporarily accommodated in the zoo at Tirana.


Luna is a petite she-bear, around 1.60 meters tall and weighing around 100kg. She is slim and has light coloured fur. She enjoys being around people, is very curious, playful, and likes running. She is in no way fussy when it comes to food, eating pretty much everything. She especially enjoys lettuce, water melon and grapes.

© BÄRENWALD Müritz / Gisela Hentschel



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