Maya was born in 1983  in the Bernese Uplands of Switzerland. She has lived at the sanctuary since July 2007. Maya, together with her sons, Ben and Felix, came from the Black Forest Zoo in Löffingen.

For many years, Maya was kept together with her offspring in a single enclosure. This a source of great stress to a bear, as children leave their mothers after around three years in the wilderness. Without this possibility, the 3 bears were constantly at loggerheads; Maya had no chance to withdraw into a peaceful environment, because the enclosure was much too small.  


In the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz Maya can retire: She did her winter dormancy four months right after her arrival in the sanctuary - the first dormancy in her life!
In the following spring we separated Maya from her sons to avoid stress. From then on Maya lived together with Susi, Mascha and Otto in an enclosure.


Maya died at 33 years of age in May 2016 at the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz.

During her hibernation Maya passed away quiet and peaceful. 

In the sanctuary Maya has enough space to move back.
© FOUR PAWS / Sabine Vielmo



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