In September 2012, Siggi and his son, Balou, came to the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz from a wild game enclosure in Hellenthal. The conditions at this facility were regarded as being among the worst in Germany. 

Due to a combination of sustained poor nutrition and constant gnawing on the metal bars of his cage, Siggis teeth had badly deteriorated over the years.


Siggi was born on Christmas Eve 1991. Although he had a small statue with 1,80 meters, he was a brave bear who liked to go on ahead to try e.g. new enrichment tools. His unusual long claws and his bold face had let him become unmistakable.

Siggi liked grapes and honey which he liked pleasurable. But he lets encourage by his lively son Balou to pay or to be challenged in a playful fight.


 Translated by Bryan Daniels, Kirchenstraße 14, 17213 Malchow

Siggi enjoys a bath in the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz.
© FOUR PAWS / Mihai Vasile



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