Susi was born in 1981 and came to us in 2007 from the town of Merseburg. Her precise origins are unknown. 

In Merseburg she lived in an urban kennel facility with an outdoor enclosure of ca. 300 square meters. The tiny indoor enclosure measured only 20 square meters. The enclosure was equipped with a bathing pool, a scratching tree, wooden logs and piled stones.

Susi lived together with another bear, Micha, until 1993. Cubs were born, the last being in 1992 (3 cubs which were all given away) and then the companions were separated to prevent further breeding. Mischa died in 1999.

Susi is the oldest resident of the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. Her behaviour towards the other bears is relatively reserved. 


Translated by Bryan Daniels, Kirchenstraße 14, 17213 Malchow

Susi's behaviour towards the other bears is relatively reserved.
© FOUR PAWS / Sabine Vielmo



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