Tapsi was brought to the BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz in June 2012 together with her father, Bummi. They came to us from the zoo at Kloetze.
She was born in 1990 and is suspicious by nature. Anything new is treated reservedly and only slowly and grudgingly accepted. She likes to lie in elevated positions, so that she can thoroughly observe the surroundings.

In April 2013 her father Bummi had to be to put to sleep which was a heavy blow for Tapsi. To get over the death she lives with Michal in an enclosure who takes her mind off with his playful behaviour. They get on very well with each other and do not argue over the food.


Translated by Bryan Daniels, Kirchenstraße 14, 17213 Malchow

Tapsi ist eine sehr misstrauische Bärendame.
© BÄRENWALD Müritz / Mihai Vasile



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