Working Method

FOUR PAWS – International Welfare Animal Charity

FOUR PAWS works result-orientated and offers animals in difficulties quick support first-hand. The aim is to achieve and establish changes in policy, economy and society for the good of the animals – by projects, campaigns and educational work.


FOUR PAWS works independend from government, political parties and economic interest groups.

Campaigns and Educational Work


FOUR PAWS Campaigns uncovers deficiencies in animal husbandry and shows alternatives. We inform about animal protection topics and demand appropriate living conditions for economically useful animals and home animals, the end of animal experiments as well as a prohibition of private keeping of wild animals.

FOUR PAWS is partner for media and consumers, economy and politics.



FOUR PAWS projects help animals in difficulties – directly and sustainable:

  • BEAR SANCTUARIES: an appropriate home for bears in difficulties
  • LIONSROCK: a refuge for big cats in difficuties
  • Help for Stray Animals
  • Help for Apes
  • Animal emergency assistance
  • Horse support


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