Müritz National Park

The Müritz National Park is with a seize of 322 m² one of the most attractive natural landscapes in the north-east of Germany.

© National Park Office Müritz

In the Müritz National Park there are more than 100 lakes which are bigger than one hectare. Besides that a stripe of 500 meters of the Müritz belongs to the National Park.

The bigger area which borders on the Müritz is marked with wide pine wood and big moores. In the smaller area around Serrahn you can see remarkable old beech forests in a hilly landscape with little lakes and moores.

With the foundation of the Müritz National Park in autumn 1990 these unique nature conservations were put under special protection.

Feel welcome to live to see, to understand and to enjoy the Müritz National Park regions with its people.



The BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz as part of the national park


We are an active partner of the Mueritz National Park and enjoy a close relationship with the landscape and natural wonders of the region. We are closely involved in assisting with the preservation of the region's natural treasures, both for our own generation and also our descendants.
It is important for us to show our guests and customers the countryside's beautiful nature and, by virtue of our carefully selected services and products, to present the Mueritz National Park from its very finest perspectives.

As an accredited partner of the Mueritz-National Park, we are not only duty-bound to share the philosophies of the national park and integrate these into our everyday activities; it is both a matter of course and also a pleasure to do so.


More information can be found at www.mueritz-nationalpark.de



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