Otto in the forest


The gentleman among the bears

Since 2006 at our rescue center

Otto was born in 1992. He got his name from the former mayor of the municipality of Stuer, Gundolft Otto. This is how FOUR PAWS honored how the politician supported the establishement of our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz for years.

Otto arrived together with Mascha at our BEAR SANCTUARY. Both brown bears had been kept by private owners in East Germany. For a lot of years, both bears shared a little concrete enclosure of only 150 square meters. That's obviously way to small for bears! Luckily the owners agreed  to bring the bears to our BEAR SANCTUARY. Here, Otto and Mascha share one big enclosure with lakes and forest and can finally rediscover their instincts. 

Otto loves carrots!

Otto enjoys a carrot.

Playful and curious

When he is standing, Otto reaches around 2 meters. In relation to his body, Otto's head seems quite small. If you watch him closely, you can see that he is a little bit cross-eyed. All together combined makes the typical Otto-look for what he is quite know for among our visitors. 

You can often see Otto playing in the forest with branches or whatever else he can find. He isn't too picky when it comes to finding a toy to play. Otto is a big fan of all enrichments our animal caretaker team prepares for the bears. Another thing he loves: digging hollows to lay down in them and relax.

Facts about Otto

  • I come from: a private keeping in East Europe 
  • I love to eat: meat 
  • I am: a kind gentleman
  • What the animal caretakers say about me: Otto is the gentleman among the bears. He never starts arguing, shares his food (except when there's meat on the menu) and  flirts with other bear ladies through the fence. He is very friendly.