Anniversary BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Anniversary of our sanctuary

15 years of happiness for rescued bears

We have a very special reason to celebrate: it is the 15th anniversary of our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz! Unbelievable that our rescue center for brown bears exists for so many years now. Let's take a look back at how things started in 2006 and at the first bears that got to our sanctuary. Celebrate together with us and stay tuned for the little and bigger surprises we have planned for this year's anniversary!

Special surprises for our visitors

We obviously want to celebrate our anniversary together with you! That's why we have special little activities planned for the next few months. Because we celebrate 15 years BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz, something special is waiting for you on the 15th of each month.

Activities for our 15th anniversary

  • Thursday, 15th of April:  Every 15 minutes one of our visitors gets a coffee for free
  • Saturday, 15th of May: The 15th visitor gets a 15 € gift card for our organic bistro
  • Tuesday, 15th of June: Special guided tour about the 15th anniversary of our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz
  • Thursday, 15th of July: With a bit of luck you can win one of 15 new bear calendars
  • Sunday, 15th of August: At 15.15 our visitors can get sparkling wine for free for 15 minutes
  • Wednesday, 15th of September: Special guided tour about the story of the first bears at our sanctuary: Sindi and Lothar
  • Friday, 15th of October: Alle dogs visiting our sanctuary get treats for free
  • Monday, 15th of November: 15 % discount on the products in our sanctuary shop and our Onlineshop
  • Wednesday, 15th of December: All those who were born on the 15th can visit our sanctuary for free