Fotoworkshop im BÄRENWALD Müritz

Bears, fish and water birds

Shoot some amazing pictures of wild animals

Last year, we successfully hosted our first photo workshop. Now, we are keen on continuing this series of workshops this year. So, Scheune Bollewick and the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz have been organising some further workshops for passionate amateur nature and animal photographers again for this summer. In May, July, August and October, we offer four photo workshops that take participants to "wild" animals of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – brown bears, fish and water birds. The workshops will be led by the Berlin photographer Ute Duraj. During the workshop, participants will get the opportunity to photograph animals in particular places and at special times of day that might otherwise never get in front of the camera.

This year, the participants will experience a sunrise on an old fishing boat in the middle of the lake Müritz, and they can take pictures of fish at the Müritzeum – a nature experience centre in Waren/Müritz. Guided by Ute Duraj, the photos will be evaluated professionally in a technically equipped seminar room of the barn in Bollewick. The participants learn the basics of digital image processing on particular pictures.

First stop: BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Our sanctuary opens its doors exclusively for the workshop participants, who will get the chance to enter our sanctuary early in the morning before the regular opening time. Undisturbed from visitors, the participants can take pictures of the bears without ruffle or excitement.

Birdwatching in the nature reserve

Another highlight of the workshop is the visit to the nature reserve "Großer Schwerin", which is closed to the public and you can only enter accompanied by a guide. The "Großer Schwerin" is a resting place for numerous water birds like the greylag goose and the crane, but also a breeding place for various duck species, snipes, lapwing, reed warbler and ringed plover.

Freshwater fish at Müritzeum

A visit to the Müritzeum is a unique experience. With its interactive themed rooms, natural history exhibitions and Germany's greatest aquarium landscape for endemic freshwater fish, the Müritzeum is a flagship project placed nearby Müritz National Park.

On the fishing boat into the sunrise 

The photo workshop offers exclusive excursions that you have probably never experienced before. The fishing boat "Quappe" will take you from Sietow harbour onto the lake Müritz early in the morning to experience the natural spectacle of sunrise in the middle of the inland lake where you can capture unique moods with the camera.

Ute Duraj

Trainer Ute Duraj

Brief biography

Watching brown bears

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Müritzeum Waren

Freshwater fish at Müritzeum

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Fischkutter Quappe

Fishing boat „Quappe“ 

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Organisational matters and procedure 

Instructed by Ute Duraj, the photos will be evaluated from a professional perspective in the technically equipped seminar room of the barn in Bollewick. The pictures will be examined and discussed in the group. The course participants learn the basics of image processing.

The workshops will take place on the following dates:

  • 29 April – 01 May 2022
  • 25 July – 27 July 2022
  • 30 August – 01 September 2022
  • 07 October – 09 October 2022

Your application for the workshop can be sent by email at 

There are a variety of options for overnight accommodation, for example Bollewicker „Landhotel zur Scheune“.

If you need some more detailed information about the workshops, don't hesitate to contact the organiser.

The workshop participants should bring with them:

  • Your own photographic equipment, charged batteries, enough memory cards, a tripod if available
  • Your own laptop
  • Installed software: Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop (free trial months are available on the internet)
  • A maximum of 6 of your own photo prints (A4 or similar format) from the field of nature photography 

Application: by email
Need some more information: Doreen Hörning, Scheune Bollewick, Tel. +49 (0)39931 52009