crochet bears on a mission

Christine Heberer and Conny Sarfert give wool scraps a new life


Goodbye kisses for bears

Every bear that is completed after many hours of fine crochet work by Christine Heberer gets a little kiss from her. It is always a goodbye kiss. Because she and her daughter Conny Sarfert do not keep these soft and cuddly bears for themselves. Every single bear is lovingly handmade stitch by stitch and is dressed in a crocheted frilly dress or in dungarees and even some of them have little flowers behind their ears. After they got their goodbye kiss, they go on a journey from Saxony to our sanctuary where they will be sold. All proceeds go to our sanctuary and thus to the bears that were rescued mostly from miserable keeping conditions.

Christine Heberer and Conny Sarfert

Conny Sarfert had the idea for this unique project. She became aware of the sanctuary via Facebook.

„I felt so sorry for the bears. I racked my brain about how I could help and how I could make the world a little bit better.“

Conny Sarfert 

Over 700 individual cuddly bears

Mother and daughter just did not want to donate money. They reflected on their hobby. Both believed they could bring lots of joy with their homemade bears to many people. On the other hand, they also noticed that many people who received a crocheted animal as a gift didn't appreciate how much work and effort went into it. So they decided to do good in another way with the crochet bears. Their concept has worked so well that we can hardly believe that Christine Heberer and Conny Sarfert have crocheted over 700 cuddly bears in the past years, which means approximately 23.000 euros have been donated to the sanctuary by selling the crocheted bears.

It takes about eleven hours of crochet work to complete a single teddy. Each of the 700 bears is unique, lovable and individual.

Call for wool donations

When mother and daughter had used up all their wool scraps, our sanctuary asked you for wool donations via Facebook. Thanks to the wool donations, it has been possible that the two can continue to crochet more bears. But brown wool still remains scarce good because it is exactly the kind that is indispensable for crocheting a bear's body.

Lady bear Brumhild is the 500th bear from the hands of the two women. Clearly, this bear is something special. Brumhild is not only bigger than all of her crochet bear relatives, but is only available for a special price. Only those who are willing to pay 500 euros for Brumhild can call her their own. Of course, 100 percent of this sum also benefits our bears.

Please note: The beloved crochet bears are unique single pieces. That is why they are currently not sold in our webshop but only in our local shop at the sanctuary.

Our colleague Katrin Baarck at our local shop

Our colleague Katrin Baarck shows the 500th crochet bear at our local shop.

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