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Did you take a great photo at the Bear Sanctuary? - The winners are in!

Now is the time to show it off!


Our Winners!

Thank you again to everyone who took part in our photo competition. We were very happy about your great submissions!

Some photos made us laugh, others showed us how close you are to our bears!

It wasn't easy for us to choose, but now the winning photos have been chosen:

3rd place: Klaus Vartzbed

This great photo of our recently deceased Otto made us very emotional.

Bear Otto

Brown bear Otto was discovered by Klaus Vartzbed in the undergrowth and photographed relaxedly observing his surroundings.

2nd place: Stephanie Künneke

Dushi - caught just in time!

Bear Dushi

Although she mainly photographs landscapes as a passionate amateur photographer, Stefanie Künneke found her way to us in the BEAR SANCTUARY - and sent us this great photo of our brown bear Dushi. Capturing a moment like this takes a lot of time and perseverance!

1st place: Roland Bergner

Our Rocco, visibly enjoying the warm sun.

Bear Rocco

Roland Bergner visited our bear sanctuary for the first time last year and came all the way from Hamburg to visit. He took a lot of time to observe our bears. He managed to take this great photo of brown bear Rocco. Roland told us that during his visit the weather went absolutely crazy – from sun to rain to snow, everything was there.

Thank you again for the great submissions and we look forward to seeing our bears in action again soon.

You can also send us great photos of our bears, stories or anecdotes outside of this competition to info@baerenwald-mueritz.de or on our social media!

Looking back - The competition

  • Your best photo, preferably with a story about how it came about or your experience...
  • no later than January 15, 2023
  • to newsletter@baerenwald-mueritz.de
  • for a chance to win one of our current calendars and have your photo featured on our channels!
  • We appreciate your participation and can't wait to see all the beautiful photos.

Of course there was something to win!

We are raffling off a large BEAR SANCTUARY wall calendar, a BEAR SANCTUARY desk calendar and a BEAR SANCTUARY family planner among all participants who send us their best bear photos to the email address newsletter@baerenwald-mueritz.de by January 15, 2023. 

We look forward to your pictures!

Important disclaimer: By sending your bear photos, you agree to the publication of the pictures on the BÄRENWALD channels (social media, newsletter, website).

Bärin Ida

Our beautiful bear Ida is a popular photo motif