Brown bear Dasha

Bear Dasha

The newest member of our park

With her sister from the Ukraine

In 2019, bear Dasha and her sister Lelya were rescued from a restaurant in Ukraine by the animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS and taken to the Domazhyr bear sanctuary.

Due to the medical requirements of her sister Lelya and the corresponding care options in BÄRENWALD Müritz, it was decided in 2022 that the two sisters should make the long journey from Ukraine to Germany together.

Since June 2023, the two bear ladies have been able to call the BÄRENWALD Müritz their new home.

Dasha und Lelya

Dasha and Lelya (in the background) are rarely found alone.

Life in a concrete cage

Before being rescued by FOUR PAWS, the two bear sisters lived in a small concrete cage in a restaurant and hotel business in Skole, Ukraine. After being born in captivity at a private recreation center in 2005, they were adopted as a tourist attraction in Skole in 2006.

In addition to Dasha and Lelya, other bears from the Domazhyr Bear Sanctuary also come from this hotel. Finally, in cooperation with the owners, Four Paws was able to end the company's bear keeping and offer the bears a natural home.

Moving to Germany

In June 2023, the logistical planning was finally completed and the two bear sisters could start their transport from Domazhyr to Müritz.

We are very happy to support our partner sanctuary and to give these beautiful bears a new home.

Lighter bear sister

Dasha and Lelya usually spend a lot of time together and have such a close bond that they even hibernate together from time to time.

Dasha is approximately 1.70 m tall with a slightly lighter face than her dark sister. As a result, the light markings on the neck, that both female bears have, are not so clear on her.

Facts about Dasha

  • I come from: Skole, Lviv/Ukraine, and lived at the BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr from 2019 - 2023.
  • I am: the bear sister with the lighter-coloured fur
  • What the caretakers say about me: Dasha is much more confident in new situations than her sister and usually takes the lead when it comes to moving into a new enclosure. She likes to explore new objects and also enjoys climbing trees to watch what is happening from there.