Ben nimmt ein erfrischendes Bad.


Lives together with his brother at our sanctuary

Born in a concrete enclosure  

Brownbear Ben was brought together with his mother Maya (1983-2016) and his brother Felix from the zoo "Schwarzwaldpark Löffingen" in Germany to our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. For 12 years, he lived in a small concrete enclosure where he has been born, too. In 2007, he finally could start a new life at our sanctuary. 

Ben and Felix

The bear brothers Ben and Felix are playing in the water.

A water-loving bear

When Ben first got to our BEAR SANCTUARY, he was very shy and had strong behavioural disorders due to the many years living in a small concrete enclosure. He mostly stayed hidden in the forest and only came out to look for food. Luckily, he settled in quickly and turned into an open-minded bear that loves to go for a swim. 

He has a good relationship to bear Ida, who shares the enclosure with Ben and Felix. But obviously Ben's partner in crime still is his brother!

Inseparable brothers

The bear brothers Ben and Felix spend most of their time together and look very alike. Only somebody who knows them well can tell who is who. The brothers are known for their playful fights in the water. 

Ben and Felix's father was Lothar (1990 - 2019), our very first bear here at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. 

Facts about Ben

  • I come from: the zoo Schwarzwaldpark Löffingen
  • I like to eat: Eggs and kiwis
  • I am: often together with my brother Felix
  • What the caretakers say about me: In comparaison to his brother, Ben is mostly kind and even-tempered. Only when Felix is fighting with Ida, he interferes. He has a strong bond to his brother, they often play together in the water.