Brown bear Felix at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Bear Felix

Self-confident and curious


Rescued with his brother and his mother

Brown bear Felix came together with his mother Maya (†) and his brother Ben from a german zoo called Schwarzwaldpark Löffingen to our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. For many years, the three bears had shared one small concrete enclosure. The bear brothers descend from Lothar (†), the very first bear that got to our sanctuary. He died in 2019.

Ben und Felix beim Spielen

Favorite thing to do: Playing with his brother Ben.

Wrestling between brothers

Felix loves to test his strength during wrestlings with his brother. Most of the time he wins, but sometimes Ben is stronger. When these two bears play in the water, it always looks very dramatic. 

The brothers look very alike, it's hard to tell who is who. They spend most of the time together and roam through the woods. Their bond is so strong that they even sometimes hibernate together in winter.

From shy to self-confident

Felix is about 2 metres tall and looks bigger, but a bit slimer, than his brother Ben. When Felix first arrived here, he was very shy and reserved. He avoided bears in the surrounding enclosures and withdrew deeper in the forest. But with time, he turned into a self-confident and curious bear.

Felix is usually the first one of the brothers that enters a new enclosure, and can often be seen exploring his surrounding. Eager to roam around, he is rarely stationary.

Facts about Felix

  • I come from: the zoo Schwarzwaldpark Löffingen
  • I am: playful, self-confident and eager to roam around
  • What the animal caretakers say about me: 
    Felix can sometimes be very stubborn and test our patience when we want to make him go into another enclosure. In these moments, even food doesn't help to convince him.
  • Fun story about Felix:
    Even though this bear usually shows a confident exterior and assured behaviour, behind this tough shell hides a sweet boy. And when the caretakers provided Felix and Ben with a rare treat, a piece of roadkill deer, he was too startled to get closer to the piece of meat, which lead to his brother getting most of the treat. Next time, Felix!