Brown bear Dushi

Bear Dushi

Albanian brown bear rescued from "Europe's worst zoo"


On 5th of April 2019 it finally happened: The female brown bear Dushi arrived at her new home, our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. The bear had to suffer for many years and was kept under terrible conditions in the albanian zoo Safari Park Zoo Fier. In Oktober 2018 she was finally freed from her cage in a big rescue mission.

Loving care at her new home

Dushi spent years in a small and dirty cage at Safari Park Zoo Fier, also called "Europe's worst zoo". After her rescue, she was brought to the zoo Tirana so that she could gather enought strength for the long journey to Germany. 

The bear lady has one missing foreleg. We first didn't know how she lost it, but when we had her checked by our wildlife vetenarian in September 2019, we found bullet fragments in both of her front legs. We guess that somebody shot her in the cage and that Dushi lost her leg due to that. The wound wasn't treated properly but healed somehow on its own.

Wildlife veterinarian Marc Gölkel explains: “Since Dushi receives appropriate food, she’s reached a healthy weight. Her fur also shows that her condition has significantly improved." Our animal caretakers take good care of the albanian brown bear and make sure she can slowly forget about her terrible past and focus on her new life here at our rescue center.

The day Dushi arrived at our BEAR SANCTUARY

The day Dushi arrived at our BEAR SANCTUARY.

Sniffing fresh air

The day Dushi left her box for the first time was a very special day. She slowly started exploring her new enclosure. Paw by paw she left the box - her safe place - behind and sniffed the grass, the air, flowers. Everything was new to her. Dushi was very interested in her bear neighbours, too. Luna was sitting in the enclosure next to her, watching her every move. In order to gain a better view of Luna, Dushi stood up on her hind legs and put her noise up in the air.

Picky eater

Brown bear Dushi is about 1,70 m tall. It is estimated that she was born in 2009, we don't have detailed information about that. 

In a short time, we figured out that Dushi is very picky about the food she eats: Grapes, apples and carrots are her favourite treats, along with everything sweet. She already ate lots of carrots and apples when she was staying in Tirana. The first time she tried grapes was when she arrived at our sanctuary. Cucumbers, Zucchini, turnips or tomatoes are absolutely not appreciated.

Facts about Dushi

  • I come from: Safari Park Zoo Fier in Albania
  • I am: prudent, curious and playful
  • What the animal caretakers say about me: 
    Dushi has progressed a lot since her arrival. Even though she still shows stereotypic behaviour, she is eager to partake in training with our caretakers and shows a lot of promise.
  • Fun story about Dushi:
    When Dushi and our Rocco are in adjacent enclosures, they can often be found at the gate showing affection towards each other. Therefore, Rocco was even more surprised, when Dushi got out of hibernation and moodily chased him away over and over again. We get it, Dushi. After a sleep like that, it's understandable to be a little grumpy in the morning. After a couple of days, they were best friends again.

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