Dushi im Bärenglück

Happiness for the bears

Do something good 

Happiness for the bears

Finding special gifts  isn’t easy. Especially for people who already have pretty much everything. We can quickly forget that celebrating special days or occasions isn’t about making the biggest or brightest gifts. It’s about spreading joy and spending time with friends and family. So what about a giving away a bit of happiness to bears?

Support the sanctuary and all brown bears

Give away happiness to our bears.
Support our animal welfare project with the amount of your choice. Every portion of happiness will be used directly at our sanctuary, for example for new enrichments, food, important medications or equipment our team needs in the park.

Send happiness to:

Bärenwald Müritz gGmbH
Müritz Sparkasse
IBAN: DE05 1505 0100 0110 1165 26

Thank you to all happiness spreaders

We obviously want to give something back to our lucky charms.

All bear friends will get a special place on our tree of good luck that’s standing at our sanctuary. Please write “Happiness” + your name in the subject of your transfer. If you don’t want your name to be hung up on the tree of good luck, simply leave out your name in the subject.

If you give 50 € or more, we’ll send you a happiness-spreader-certificate that you can hang on the wall and be really proud of. If you want to send happiness in the name of another person, you can write “Happiness” + that person’s name in the subject of your transfer, we personalize the certificate and send it to the address you give to us. If you want us to send it to you via E-Mail, that’s possible too. Just give us your E-Mail and we get everything ready.

If you spread 75 € happiness or more, you get a personalized surprise with your favourite bear. In that case, please write “Happiness” + name (yours or the person’s name you want to offer it to) + your favourite bear’s name. We also need your address so that we can send the surprise to you.

We thank all the lucky charms that give away happiness to the bears!

Otto plays with saw dust

Give away happiness to Otto and his bear neighbours.

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