Brown bear Ida at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Bear Ida

Our dandelion lover


A life behind bulletproof glass

Ida was born in 1995 and was born in a breeding program at the german zoo Stendal. As a young cub she was brought to the zoo Kalletal, also in Germany, where she spent many years living behind bulletproof glass. This is were she met bear Katja (†), who later joined Ida on her journey to the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz.

Brown bear Ida at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Ida has a very elegant way of eating apples.

New start at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

When the zoo Kalletal had to be sold, the owner was looking for a new home for his bears and approached the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. After a few negotiations, the two bear ladies could finally be brought to our sanctuary.

Curious and people-orientated

When Ida first got to our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz, she was a little shy. But within no time she started to trust our animal caretaker team and settled into her new home. Ida likes to go for a swim in the creek and eat the water plants that she finds in there.

Ida likes to have a general overview of what happens around her. She often sits on higher spots close to the fence and doesn't seem to feel disturbed when visitors pass by. She also likes to take a shower in the summer when the caretakers offer the opportunity with a garden hose. 

Facts about Ida

  • I come from: the zoo Stendal
  • I am: a fluffy, curious but also moody bear
  • What the animal caretakers say about me
    When there's something Ida doesn't like, she shows it. Nonetheless, with her fluffy fur and her big personality, she managed to wrap especially caretaker Susi around her finger.
  • Fun story about Ida
    Although we can't know for sure, we assume that summer is Ida's favourite time of the year. As soon as the dandelion buds open and the green enclosures are covered in yellow dots, the bear lady is in her element. Dandelions are her absolute favourite snack! She can often be seen reaching as far as possible to get the last flower - that often, that dandelions are now officially included in her diet plan!

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