#Smartlikeabear - week 2

Our online environmental education continues! Step by step you will become as smart as our bears are and learn many new things about animals, nature and other topics. Every morning we will update our overview below, link the videos and upload worksheets you can work with. Have fun!

What's happening this week?

Find the timetable and an overview over all activities below.

Timetable second week 2021

Overview week 2

  • 03.05. - Monday

We go into a new week of Bearology 2021. Today we will show you how to make a nature bingo together with your children. You will need an empty egg crate and our print template from the worksheet. Then you can get started: go out into nature and start collecting. We can't wait to see what your children find in the forest. Feel free to send us photos by email. We look forward to it.

Worksheet Bingo

Worksheet Bingo

Instructions for making and playing this bingo game

  • 04.05. - Tuesday

What happened here? Guess again what you see in the photos and test your knowledge about the sanctuary. The solution can be found on the back of each picture.


Holes in a row on a birch tree? That's where someone has quenched his thirst. In spring, the water shoots back into the sprouting trees. Woodpeckers love this sugary tree sap and tap young trees for it.  They especially like to drink birch sap.  

A sole from a bear's paw

This is a sole from a bear's paw. As sole walkers, bears put their entire paws on when they walk. There are five claws on each paw, which are not retractable and which bears can use to dig, grab food or climb. Polar bears have particularly hairy feet because otherwise their feet get very cold. 

Winter fur

This fluff was picked up by our animal caretakers. With the beginning of spring time bears shed their winter coats because it would keep them too warm during the summer season. They like to use thorny bushes to get rid of their old fur. 
  • 05.05. - Wednesday:

Do you want to know which of our bears you would be? We'll show you.

>> Unfortunately things didn't go as planned and we have to reschedule today's activity. Instead, we have beautiful video of Balou splashing around in his pond for you! You can find it here on Facebook or on Instagram.

  • 05.05. - Wednesday:

Unfortunately, we have to postpone the topic "Socialising Rocco and Luna" until next week. Until then, however, you can read new stories about the two brown bears here on our blog every day. As we will have our veterinarian in the BEAR SANCTUARY next week, your children can test their knowledge about bears' eating behaviour today.

Quick quiz

Quick quiz

What do bears eat and why is it so important what they eat?

  • 06.05. - Thursday:

Do you know how exactly the countryside in Germany is used? If the puzzle is put together correctly, you can see how much terrain is available for agriculture, for example (in percentage terms).

Worksheet agricultural land in Germany

Worksheet agricultural land in Germany

Puzzle with percentage distribution of the area

Soluation agricultural land in Germany

Soluation agricultural land in Germany

Additional information about agricultural land

  • 07.05. - Friday:

Do you need to quickly charge your mobile phone or plug in your headphones? If you have thrown the cables simply into your bag after the last use, you will probably search for the beginning and the end now. You can avoid this by using a cable holder. We prepared for you a craft instructions for a homemade bear-shaped cable holder. Simply print out the instructions, cut out the template and start tinkering.

Of course, as always, we're looking forward to seeing the great results. Feel free to send us a picture of your self-made cable bear by email.

Worksheet headphone cable holder

Worksheet headphone cable holder

DIY instruction