#Smartlikeabear - week 4

Week four of our online environmental education! Step by step you will become as smart as our bears are and learn many new things about animals, nature and other topics. Every morning we will update our overview below, link the videos and upload worksheets you can work with. Have fun!

What's happening this week?

Find the timetable and an overview over all activities below.

Timetable fourth week 2021

Overview week 4

  • 17.05. - Monday

We start with a quick quiz about our brown bears into this week. One of the most frequently asked question since Rocco and Luna have been socialized is, for example, whether the bears in the BEAR SANCTUARY will have offspring. Can you answer this question correctly? Test you knowledge and find out if you are already a bearologist.

Worksheet brown bears

Worksheet brown bears

Quick quiz about brown bears at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Solutions brown bears

Solutions brown bears

Bearology quiz solutions

  • 18.05. - Tuesday

As every Tuesday we start the day with three eextraordinary pictures. Test your knowledge and have a guess.

Dust cloud

This impressive dust cloud is made by a rolling bison. Plenty of animals do it in that manner. Maybe you have already seen sparrows taking a sand bath. Sounds like fun and it probably does, but it is mainly used for personal hygiene. The animals want to use it to remove annoying vermin from their fur or plumage, for example. 

Maize trap for boars

This is a special trap laid out with maize to attract boars. You can often see a wildlife camera and a raised hide nearby. Such places are prepared by hunters. Sometimes the animals should only be observed, but mostly hunted, because boars can cause a lot of damage in the forest and in agriculture if they reproduce too much. 

Scars on a tree

Small scars on a tree? Sometimes people believe it might be funny if they scratch their initials or names on a tree trunk but that is pretty dangerous for the plant because that damage on surface is a weak point where Fungis can immediately enter the injured bark. That area is vulnerable for insect attacks and bacteria can interrupt the water transport. The regeneration capacity of damaged tissue is important for the healing process and the protection of the tree.  
  • 19.05. - Wednesday:

A healthy diet includes fresh fruit and vegetables – preferably from your own garden. You don't have a garden? Never mind, you can still watch your food grow. Leftover vegetables can grow again. This is called regrowing. All you need is water and a little patience.

Vegetable garden on the sill

Vegetable garden on the sill

How to grow vegetables

  • 20.05. - Thursday:

Today we take you on a tour through the BEAR SANCTUARY. Which bear would you like to be? Masha perhaps? Or Michal? At the beginning, all the play figures start in the bear's den and that's where they should end up again at the end of the day. Along the way, nice and not so nice things happen in the forest. Print out the game instructions and the playing field, place the game pieces in the cave, roll the dice and off you go in a leisurely pass.

Everyday life in the BEAR SANCTUARY

Everyday life in the BEAR SANCTUARY

Playing field

Everyday life in the BEAR SANCTUARY

Everyday life in the BEAR SANCTUARY

Game instructions

  • 21.05.: Friday:

A picture made of plants? Blossoms, leaves and branches are beautiful to look at, especially in spring. You can quickly become an artist with a little imagination and some skill. It is very simple and we will show you how.

As always, we would be happy if you send us a photograph of your flower picture by email.

Design your own flower picture

Design your own flower picture

Quick instruction