Luna aus dem BÄRENWALD Müritz


Youngest bear at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Years of suffering at an amusement park 

Before Luna was rescued in June 2017 and got to our sanctuary, she lived locked up in a tiny cage at Aulona Vergnügungspark in Albania. Even as a cub she was exposed to many noises, lots of people and no protection from the weather. 

In November 2016, we were finally able to rescue her and brought her to zoo Tirana, until she had enough strength to make the long journey to our sanctuary. 

Luna loves to climb

Luna has the best view! 

Playful and small bear 

Luna is a pretty small bear, only about 1,60 tall. She has bright fur and is quite slim. The young bear is very curious and likes to play with stick or enrichments in the forest. Sometimes she even climbs trees.

When it comes to food, she mostly eats everything. But her favourite snacks are: eggs, water melons and grapes.

When many people are around, Luna can get a little nervous and often falls back into stereotypical behaviour which means walking in circles until she doesn't feel stressed anymore. To prevet that, our animal caretaker team prepares a lot of different toys and enrichment for Luna and keeps her ocupied. She especially enjoys jute bags filled with nuts and straw. 

Facts about Luna

  • I come from: the albanian amusement park Aulona
  • I like to eat: grapes, eggs, watermelons
  • I am: sometimes nervious and can react insecure to new things. But I'm also very playful.
  • What the animal caretakers say about me: Luna seems so small and fragile like a little doll. At first, she regarded men with suspicion, but with time she stopped reacting like that.

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