Rocco explores his enclosure


Cautious and sensitive

Rescued from a backyard in Albania

On 7th of June 2019, the bear ambulance finally reaches our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. In the transport box is brown bear Rocco, who has been rescued from a small cage in Albania. 

Rocco lived on a private estate in Elbasan, Albania. The owner got the bear as a cub. Until we rescued him, Rocco's home was a tiny rusty cage behind metal bars and with a concrete floor. There wasn't any opportunity to bathe nor was there protection against wind, sun or rain. After eight years, the owner wanted to get rid of the bear, because having Rocco got too expensive. 

Erstes Mal baden für Rocco

On his first day here, Rocco accidently fell in the pool. But he seemed to enjoy the water.

His arrival at his new home

Rocco's arrival at our sanctuary was very emotional. After one night of acclimatization, Rocco could leave his box on the next morning for the first time and started to explore the new surroundings. He was very nervous and ran around his enclosure. The long trip, the new environment, the smell of other bears - it all demands time to process. Rocco can now slowly adjust to everything, step by step.  

Because of his isolated keeping conditions in Albania, everything is new to him. That's why he accidently fell in his pool, he didn't know what it was. But he enjoyed the cold water and stayed for quite a while in it, splashing around and observing the surroundings. 

Our animal caretakers observed him closely during the first days, until he started setteling in. Rocco is still very cautious and sensitive to noises. But he eats a lot and slowly discovers his enclosure. That are very good signs.

Facts about Rocco

  • I come from: a private keeping in Elbasan, Albania
  • I love to eat: eggs, carrots, grapes
  • I am: very sensitive to noises
  • What the animal caretakers say about me: Rocco was very stressed, when he first arrived. He needed a few days to calm down and get used to his new environment, because he lived very isolated before and almost didn't know anything. By now, he shows himself a lot calmer already but still is easly frightened.

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