Braunbärin mit fast schwarzem Fell.


Brown bear with almost black fur

A life behind metal bars

Mascha was born in 1994. Even though she and Otto aren't related, they share the same story. Before being brought to our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz, she lived in private holding in East Germany. For many years, their world consisted of a sad enclosure of 150 square meters, surrounded by metal bars, and a concrete floor. 

Luckily, we managed to convince the owners to let Mascha and Otto move to our rescue center. The former owners also promised to never hold another bear again. In 2006, the two bears then finally arrived at our sanctuary. Since then, they have been sharing one big enclosure with lakes, forest, grassland and many other things to discover. 

Mascha is roaming through the woods

Mascha is roaming through the woods.

Mascha like "Mascha and the bear"

From all our bears, Mascha sure has the darkest fur. She got her name here at our sanctuary. The readers from the daily newspaper "Nordkurier" chose it in a name contest. The name Mascha refers to the old russian farytale "Mascha and the bear".

Mascha's favourite things to do are going for a swim and exploring the forest. Especially during mating season, we observe her playing with Otto in the water. She can be a little dominant and likes to have Otto all to herself. 

Facts about Mascha

  • I come from: private keeping in East Germany
  • I like to eat: grapes and honey 
  • I am: the bear with the darkest fur 
  • What the animal caretakers say about me: Mascha is very self-confident and can be quite dominant. She doesn't like it when Otto is flirting with other female bears through the fences. 

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