Brown bear Michal at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz


A playful and very curious bear 


Three-legged bear who loves swimming

Since September 2011, Michal lives at our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. Before his rescue, he was kept under terrible conditions at the zoo Braniewo in Poland. His enclosure there was only 60 square meters "big" and he spent his days sitting on concrete. During a fight with another bear, Michal lost his foreleg. With very serious behavioural issues, he was limbing in circles in the concrete enclosure, probably looking for a way out. 

Luckily, we managed to get him out of there. Since he got to our sanctuary, he completely changed and became a total different bear. He loves swimming, digs holes, plays with branches and sticks and enjoys his life here a lot. His missing foreleg doesn't stop him from anything.

Michal is like a little "show bear".

Michal is like a little "show bear".

Bear couple: Michal and Tapsi

In spring 2013, we successfully socialized him with bear lady Tapsi. Michal helped her through a very tough time, when Tapsi's father Bummi passed away. Being with Michal distracted her from the sadness. The bears have a strong connection and spend most of the time together. Even in winter they share a den for hibernation. 

With his very curious and playful way of being, Michal has a lot of fans and our visitors like to watch him playing in the woods. He often stays near the visitors, trys out weird-looking relaxing poses, runs around in the grass and never loses Tapsi out of sight.

Facts about Michal

  • I come from: zoo Braniewo in Poland
  • I like to eat: eegs, nuts
  • I am: never far away from Tapsi
  • What the animal caretakers say about me: Michal wants to get along with all the bears. He enjoys playing in the water very much, especially with big branches. Tapsi is his soulmate, they are always together.

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