Brown bear Pavle at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz

Bear Pavle

Calm and laid-back bear


Rescued from a circus with his sister

Brown bear Pavle is from Serbia and has been living with his sister Sylvia at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz since November 2017. Before Pavle came to BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz, he and Sylvia were kept in a small cage on the property of a Serbian circus, where they were surrounded by waste and had no protection from the rain, cold, or sun.

In October 2016, they were confiscated and were temporarily housed at the Belgrade Zoo. There they were able to slowly recover from their previous keeping conditions and could gather strength until they were strong enough for their move to Germany.

Sylvia and Pavle love to play in saw dust

Sylvia and Pavle love to play in saw dust.

Sylvia and Pavle: the brown bear duo

The two siblings are inseparable and enjoy each other’s company a lot. Even during hibernation, they always share a common den. Pavle is taller than his sister and is very protective of her, even though she doesn't need him to protect her at all. 

When Pavle arrived at BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz he was still very wary and anxious. However, over time, he was able to gain more and more confidence and has adjusted to his new environment very nicely. When it comes to food, he is not particularly picky and eats almost everything, but most of all he loves carrots.

Facts about Pavle

  • I come from: a serbian Circus
  • I am: happiest when I am roaming through the woods or bathing in my pond
  • What the caretakers say about me: 
    Pavle has a strong bond with his sister. The two bears often play together and hibernate together in a den, too. Pavle is a bit more balanced than his sister. But if Sylvia starts arguing with another bear, then he always has her back.
  • Fun story about Pavle:
    Even though Pavle enjoys food just as much as the next bear, it has been observed that, once it is hidden in an enrichment, he can be more than oblivious to it. So much so, that he continuously walked right past a toy filled with dog kibble and nuts, until the caretakers decided to empty it out after a couple of days and give it, filled with new snacks, to Rocco (who was very excited about the extra treat).

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