Tasty and fresh meals every day

Local, seasonal and sustainable food

At our bistro, all meals are freshly prepared! The dishes, soups and dressings are homemade and the cake comes from a local bakery.

Good ingredients make good meals:
Whenever possible and economically feasible, we buy our products right where they are made. We make sure our products are certified organic and animal friendly. It’s also very important for us to reduce plastic waste as much as possible. Seasonal products and local food is always our first pick. We consciously avoid buying products with long transport routes.

Our Organic Bistro offers every day different freshly cooked meals, beverages for every taste, fair-trade coffee and tasty local cakes.

Vegan food

Most of our dishes are vegetarian or vegan. You can recognize the vegan options by the little “v” on the menu. If you’d like to turn a veggy meals into a vegan one, we can leave out sauces or dips or even replace them, if possible.

The dishes our guests like the most are probably the stir-fried veggies and potatoes, our quiche with seasonal vegetables and the lentil soup. Regarding the season and the ingredients we have, our menu is different every day. 

So let our cooks surprise you the next time you visit our sanctuary!

Bärenhunger im Bio-Bistro

Starving? Then our organic bistro is the right place for you.

BIO-Kontrollstellen-Nummer: DE-ÖKO-034

Bäradies in Norddeutschland

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