Bear Dushi

Which bear are you

Take the test and find out which of the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz bears you're most similar to!


Personality Test

Choose the answer that best applies to you

Question - of -

1. Finally a weekend without obligations. Are you ...

An early bird

A late riser

A night owl

An advocate of afternoon naps

2. How do you like to spend your free time?

Sports and excercise

Preferably relaxed

With friends or family

Preferably in nature, for example gardening 

3. How would your friends describe you?

Sporty and playful

Intelligent and funny

Confident and fearless

Quiet and friendly

4. What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Bread with ham or cheese

Avocado and hummus toast

Doesn't matter as long as it is sweet. Like honey or homemade jam.

Team croissant, preferably still warm and straight from France

5. Which vacation would you choose?

Snorkeling, diving, sailing... water sports are exactly my thing!

Staycation - home is were I relax best

Sightseeing and culture on a city trip

A camping trip in nature

6. What's most important to you?

Friendship and contact

Freedom and independence

Peace and structure

Fun and action

7. What would be your dream job?

Something musical or creative

Something with craftsmanship

Anything where you can work from home

When I grow up, I want to be a princess

8. How would you describe your social life?

Life of the party!

I don't mind having time to myself sometimes

A small, but handpicked group of friends

Family person

9. Time for a snack. What do you choose?

Decadent ice bomb

Healthy nuts

Tender meat

Fresh fruit

10. Where would your dream home be:

In a secluded place in nature

In a busy place with lots of activity and friends

In a comfortable place where I can relax

In an adventurous and ever-changing environment

Bear Balou

Just like Balou, you are creative and excellent at solving problems. The big bear even managed to open carabiners so he could take his favorite toy into the pool. Otherwise, he enjoys watching the visitors go by and is happy about every treat he can find.

Brown bear Balou

Bear Ben

Our Ben has a real sweet tooth. When he's not looking for a treat, he loves to run around in the forest with his brother and enjoy his freedom. He can be distinguished from his brother by the notch in his right ear.

Brown bear Ben

Bear Dasha

You're like Dasha: new situations make you curious, and with your people behind you, nothing can happen to you. Dasha has a very close relationship with her sister Lelya. When she's not digging up the forest, she likes to climb a tree to survey the situation from there.

Brown Bear Dasha

Bear Dushi

You are like our Dushi: confident and interested. Despite her limitations, the three-legged bear is always happy to be there and keeps an eye on what's going on around her. With her light face and habit of standing on her hind legs, she is the subject of many photos.

Brown bear Dushi

Bear Felix

Like Felix, you love doing things with friends. Whether frolicking in the water with his brother or exploring the forest, Felix is always on the move - and especially enjoys doing so with his brother Ben. Aside from that, he is a patient and relaxed bear with a strong wanderlust.

Brown Bear Felix

Bear Ida

You are like our little bear Ida. Ida knows what she wants and shows it clearly if she doesn't like something. She is a bear with a big personality who values her independence. She particularly enjoys eating the dandelions in her enclosure and collects the yellow delicacies from even the most remote corners of the forest.

Brown Bear Ida

Bear Lelya

Like Lelya, you like to be surrounded by your people. Her sister Dasha can always count on Lelya to have her back. She also knows exactly which delicacies she particularly likes - but she is less picky when it comes to digging in the forest and works according to the motto: Twice is better than once!

Brown bear Lelya

Bear Luna

Our sweet Luna is very reserved when she is in a new situation. But if she feels comfortable, she really blossoms. In those moments you can watch her using the young trees in the enclosure as exercise equipment or thoroughly enjoying the treats from her enrichments.

Brown bear Luna

Bear Mascha

Masha is our resolute bear elder. Just like Masha, you know what you want and how to achieve it. 
She likes to take it easy and doesn't let small obstacles bother her. In 2023 she also won the marchnapness-title among all FOUR PAWS bears: She woke up last from her hibernation!

Brown bear Mascha

Bear Michal

Just like Michal, you seem calm and composed, but you can also really get going when the opportunity to play arises. 
With his enormous strength he can easily move branches and obstacles. Apart from that, this gentle giant loves to get really comfortable, as you can see!

Brown bear Michal

Bear Pavle

Like Pavle, you are a connoisseur. The little bear loves the quiet things in life: all kinds of treats, just as much as lying comfortably in the sun and sleeping. But that doesn't stop him from play-fighting in the forest with his sister whenever the opportunity arises.

Brown bear Pavle

Bear Rocco

Sitting still? Far from it. Just like Rocco, you like to be on the move. Rocco particularly likes to measure his strength on tree trunks in his enclosure. If something takes too long for him, he quickly becomes frustrated, but his motivation peaks when he can try out new toys and roughhouse.

Brown bear Rocco

Bear Sylvia

Like Sylvia, you are brave and take care of those you care about. Sylvia has a strong protective instinct towards her brother Pavle and always makes sure that everything has its structure and order. The two are inseparable and even hibernate together. Even though she's missing a paw, she enjoys roughhousing with her brother.

Brown bear Sylvia